Data protection of Matematyka NaTak users: a website of high school maths (matematyka liceum) lessons

The privacy policies within a Website define the principles for the processing and security of data of all users that enter. Without neglecting sex, economic activity or developer, all Internet spaces must stick to them whenever they do not need to be fined by the laws that govern in each country.

In that sense, Matematyka NaTak, a website for high school maths (matematyka liceum)
Training and preparation of a maths exam (matura matematyka), has a Well-defined privacy policy, which can easily be outlined in 5 fundamental points.

Sort of privacy policy

It’s completely informative. It Means that the information that is saved or stored is for all those functions and nothing else. Any violation of the agreement may result in total or partial disabling of the website, and at a lawsuit for those owners for violation of the Terms and Conditions they tout.

Administrator of personal data

According to the Regulation of The European Parliament, this site – or maths primary school (matematyka szkoła podstawowa) -, is protected by the data protection laws and the legislation of May 10, 2018, for the protection of personal information.

Protection diligence

Matematyka NaTak is responsible For ensuring that the protection of data and appropriate information of each of its customers. Because of this, they can not disclose, either distort or use them for functions that do not comply with all the legal framework. The Administrator also acknowledges that the data is kept in a shape and just as a requirement of the company.

Exclusive access

As customers who access Matematyka NaTak do this at their own will, and to attain some academic advantage, the Website Administrator includes complete, immediate and universal access to the data provided by the user. This is done for completely professional functions, to manage the tasks that enter the provision of services.

Anonymity on websites providing Services isn’t permitted. Thus, Matematyka NaTak collects personal information together with the only goal of offering its own training.