The privileged location of RV Altitude is the key that will bring you benefits

The real estate development has been growing and evolving, this, so as to keep on adapting to the demands of individuals at the time of buying a house, is why the renowned RoxyPacific Holding Limited is the developer of rv altitude, that offers varied benefits to pay for the needs of the residents.It is a Condo which covers 28,798 square feet of property in a gross floor space space of 80,634 square feet. The entire development will have roughly 140 units divided into these three distinct categories, thus obtaining 7 distinct units, each with 2 bedrooms. The apartments which are small are ideal to be acceptable for people and for small company while the big ones are fully acceptable for large company and families when that is needed.

RV Altitude is a complete property project located in a privileged area on D09 River Valley Road. It is conveniently near the unique shopping district of Orchard Road and just a couple of minutes’ drive from the Marina Bay monetary district.Therefore, based on its privileged location of RV Altitude, it is the trick to some advantages that this development will offer its residents because it is within walking distance of many services, high prestige colleges, shopping facilities, restaurants, places of popular parties and other areas of entertainment. It should be said that also brings you nearer to one of the most emblematic spots in Singapore, the Singapore River.

RV Altitude is anticipated to start in January 2019, also it is quite probable that the prices of this will be on the upswing, because of the prominent location and the different entertainment sites that are about it.This is why if you want the best apartment for your loved ones and you plan to obtain a RV Altitude River Valley condo; to enjoy advantages such as directs prices for developers, priority in the selection of chosen units and periodic updates on the progress of the development.